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fluffy stuff

I’m completely bundled up today
from the knee-high boots on my feet
to the coat I have named “Bear”
to the scarf that wraps twice around my neck
to the hood pulled up on my head.

Even though Bear nearly reaches the ground
the wind still manages to snuggle up next to me
sneaking into the openings I’ve carelessly left
like arm and neck holes, and by my feet.

Black leather gloves with a brown coat
The fashionistas would swoon in anguish
Such a ghastly combination of colors
But everything goes with white, I say.

When the fluffy stuff piles up
concealing all of winter’s gray
everything is muted: sound, light, touch
cotton candy marshmallows to the eye.

So I slog through the impertinent slush
my head down, it looks like cookie dough
look up, and I’ve got flurries in my face
I don’t recommend breathing them in
through your nose.

Some of the snowflakes were
as big as chocolate chips
I nearly choked on the water on the breeze
while my skin cracked in the dry air.

I love Chicago. I also love that I don’t have to drive.


4 thoughts on “fluffy stuff

  1. I can picture the exact look on your face as you say that Rich. This may have been the funnyest three word coment in the history of blogs. *whipes tear from cheek* You’ve chaneled the spirit of Ralph Wigam.

    Hey Sholeh, if you beleve the complements you get about only one of your poems this year, make it this poem. made me grin a big stupid grin. Its just good writing- involving and warm. hey… HEY! YOU’RE DENYING IT RIGHT NOW ARENT YOU? STOP THAT! STOP IT!

    Sha none.

  2. Rich: do I know you…? hehe I just like to know how I know folks here, if at all.

    haha you know what is funny? I wrote it in the computer lab yesterday because I realized I hadn’t updated in a while and thought a poem would be nice. I didn’t even edit it.
    Thanks for the complement. I like the poem alot…I’m going to try writing more upbeat, goofy poems to see what happens. I’m just not sad enough to write the dark stuff. 😉

  3. so i’m a bit late with the comment, 😉 but i really enjoyed this poem; the way it threads from thought to thought- the part about snow muting “sound, light, touch” captures it perfectly.

    so great to be around snow again!

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