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An Ode To Finals

I found this old post from December 10, 2003, and it made me smile, remembering the college days and how very horrible I was at test-taking (and apparently at writing odes). I don’t know why I put it in the drafts, because obviously it was published at some point, so I’m putting it back out there.

Accounting was atrocious
as it had the right to be
a horrible subject
it enjoyed torturing me
History was turned in
with absolutely no fuss
I quite enjoyed the class
I felt like such a genius
Management was tedious
but open-note tests do help
someone wanted me to sit with them
so they let out a yelp
All that is left is now Mathematics
statistics just kill me
probability gives me headaches
in this class there is no mercy
So wish me luck
my dear friends
as I study insanely
and pray for the end.


12 thoughts on “An Ode To Finals

  1. let me be the first random stranger 🙂

    i enjoy reading your blog; it is high quality.

    my finals are next week. good luck on your math! i have to take exams in two math classes.

  2. Sholeh, you’re the only person I know who writes entertaining poems about exams…thanks for the smiles!!

    Sholeh, you’re also the only person who has commented in my blog (okay well that’s an exaggeration.)

    BTW – are you a lefty too?! If you are, it makes me feel good about not being like the only lefty I know. I think it’s a law out here that you’re only allowed to be right-handed.


  3. umm… i love how you have time to take pictures during finals! isn’t if fun what you find time to do! call me if you want a distraction, i’ll be in my dorm all day baby.

  4. Sam- yes i’m a lefty! leftys unite!

    Carmen- yeah I know…:-P I can’t call today, but maybe later tonight!

  5. fun poem- hope it all ended well, if it’s over(?)
    we saw you at the Evanston Feast too- hope you’re ready for the crushing burden of fame! 😉

  6. Nathan, that tune is my cell phone ring…seriously… (how did you know??) 😉
    speaking of, i am going to call you sometime soon- sorry for crazy schedules… until then, hope all is well where you are.

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