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the escape

A poem escaped me today
it just up and ran away
developed feet and found my ears
used the holes to disappear
it wasn’t very good, I’m told
and although the loss is growing old
I still think, and mourn the day
that my little poem ran away
I don’t think it hated me
it just had a whole world to see.

PS: only the entries for the current month show on my blog, so if you are looking for a particular entry, try the archives! (hmm, that makes me think of an herb…ar-chives…like a dusty library filled with an oniony smell…)


6 thoughts on “the escape

  1. ;~)


    very clever

    and even a little sad at the same time…

    how did you do that? lol

  2. yeh, how were you sad and clever at the same time?…

    sorry, probably just “projecting”

    …i’ve been a bit sad lately…

    …3/4 of the service youth here have left in the last few days…

    realized i’m not too clever when i’m sad…

    *hey, do i get some weepy violin music?*


  3. hmm. It was a little more whimsical than anything else…I really did “lose” a poem I had brewing in my head, and I know it was a good one. I was sad for its loss but figured that it would all turn out in the end.

    sorry to hear you’re sad…*sends you a big smily face* cheer up! 🙂

  4. thanks Sholeh,

    I am feeling better… hey i posted a response here yesterday and now it’s gone… i think that’s happened to me here before as well… has anyone else reported similar disappearances?

    (maybe the same void that stole your poem) (!!)

    basically i mentioned that lots of writers use handheld tape recorders to record ideas before they escape- i’ve had one for about a year and really like it- i also use it to make my own “books on tape” when trying to learn something new that i need to hear more than once, and even get to practice singing on it once in awhile, (and i can definitely use the practice) haha…


  5. Hmm i’ve never noticed a problem with that. 😛

    yeah, I just found out tape recoder…I might just do that. 😉

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