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I have discovered that my heart holds too much love, my mind holds too many memories, and my feet have not traveled enough roads. Too many of my secrets are no longer mine. There have been years of letting life happen, and moments of joy in between.

There are a few things I know to be true: my bare feet on marble and carpet, the scent of roses and jasmine, old stones and white-washed walls, the smiles of long-lost new friends, the pen in my hand, a child in my arms, serving tea in glass cups, sunlight, hands through hair, soft words of prayer, a purple sky with white clouds, honesty with you, and my sometimes healed, sometimes broken heart. I have invisible bruises and visible scars, and yet my words have become patience, detachment, and balance.

I always thought that the most peaceful moment would be to dance barefoot on deep green grass in a long summer dress. I could look up to the sky in any moment of doubt, and the universe would anchor me. There are too many stars out there, and too much beauty here, for God not to exist.


11 thoughts on “learning

  1. Sublime! These words, this text, all!

    I think it has been a while since I don’t read sich beauty online. Thank you 🙂

  2. Alex: ahh! Well, perhaps there will be sequels, but the story is still being written.

    SAM: Thank you!

  3. As curious I am about the story, I see the value in leaving it vague. I’ve come to realize that it’s your style–this is an example of the occasional “poet Sholeh” post. It’s particularly useful when the subject matter might be private–I’ve resorted to a mask of metaphors a few times myself. As for me, I often see parallels with my own life situations and as such I feel touched so I get something that maybe the full story wouldn’t give me so much.

  4. i was hoping today to come to Sholeh’s blog and find something to take my mind off things.. done ~ this was brilliant, and took me to a softer sense, cleansed..
    a dance on deep green grass …

    ahh thank you dear

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