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Path of dust

My heart is in a wistful mood,
my tiny little sorrows shake the dust from my soul.
My laughter has strong intention behind it.
Music with piano and soft whispered tones reaches inside me,
perhaps in 43,200 minutes words will be spoken again
and then too late.

Since my words stumble, fall, put on band-aids, and promptly fall again, songs must step in to assist.

Brett Dennen- Desert Sunrise
Cinematic Orchestra- To Build a Home
Joshua Radin- Winter

Everything, and nothing really new. Ran into some friends who were on pilgrimage, had some fun coincidences, finally settled into my flat (after 2 months!), watched the miniscule amount of fireworks, went to a much-needed devotional at Lucia’s, hang around with the usual crowd, discussed possible day trips around Israel, interesting discussion with a friend, lunches full of laughter…This last week has been full of preparation for a large meeting on Friday, every night after work…I’m excited, I know it will go well, and if things mess up it is ok. Really, my entire term of service here has been about patience and detachment. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Path of dust

  1. Sholeh, I don’t know how it is that you manage to compose words that somehow keep on reflecting the happysad torrents of emotion I’ve experienced since the day I declared myself a Baha’i in November. Maybe you have this way of composing themes that are universal, yet still somehow convincing each individual reader that you just crawled out of their head. In any case, thanks for your writing and for sharing it–you are a DJ of words.

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