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Things I like… (#4)

(Credit to Vahid for this picture)

cobblestone streets

really great handwriting

tea at Bahji in the afternoon

spanish moss on willow trees

vegetable stands on the side of the road

broken pieces of colored glass in the sun

old cemetaries (calculating ages of the dead)

children calling me “auntie”

cooking for a lot of people

close friends getting married (congrats to two couples here especially! Love you!)

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2 thoughts on “Things I like… (#4)

  1. It’s an interesting picture, the colors are very surreal. And your necklace matches the chair.

    I’ve been trying to write lists now and then of little blessings/things I like too.

    Colored glass has so much potential. I have a tiny bright red blown-glass pitcher, 50 cents from a yard sale, which glows and sprinkes around any smallest bit of light that hits it. It lives in front of an ikea-paper-lamp-thingy, and is practically the focal point of my living room.

    Thank you for these posts. I don’t read this blog that much, but when I do, it tends to be great inspiration.

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