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Mother, I am you today.
I stretched my hands out in the sun,
there were greetings in silent smiles, and I found a new song.
Remember that there 3 dozen ways to read words,
and I dropped the pieces of our hearts.I am a mirror image today, mother.
There are the same curls in my hair, in the same places, I swear!
The veins in my hands stand out the same way as I wash dishes,
and maybe even my eyes smile like yours.
Although mine are more veiled
(oh the hazards of now…)

Time does kind things to us,
to recreate in exactly the same and different ways.

Mother, I wish I could sing the way you do,
there is a certainty in it.
Maybe my children will hear in the words I whisper to them
The echoes of you.


6 thoughts on “generations

  1. since you were your mom today, can I be anyone I want? Hmm I think I’m totally fine with being myself but hmm this made me think. Who would I want to be for a day? Oowa maybe, I would want to be Táhirih Badí, she really made a difference for women, especially during her time period and the country she had to live in! YEAHHHH! hehehe


  2. i really like this poem and the ones you read at open mic.
    sorry for accidentally interrupting you. it was the computer’s fault.

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