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Anna Karenina

While browsing a charming old bookstore in Uptown, in south Minneapolis, Sarah suggested Anna Karenina, by Leo Tolstoy. Since it was only a few dollars, I picked it up. I’m a little less than halfway through it, and I must…

reading BusinessWeek

My parents get magazine subscriptions, so I have the benefit of being able to read BusinessWeek, Fortune, and Newsweek. There is a short blurb in the May 17, 2004 issue of BusinessWeek that talks about an article from the April…

Writer’s Block

I have a problem with writer’s block. Recently, no matter how hard I try, I struggle with this problem and cannot seem to overcome it. Of course, it is probably stress from various facets of my life manifesting themselves in…


I’m discovering that going into things without expectations tends to work out. I’m finding that surprises can be really, really good. And hey, maybe life is complicated. But I’m really enjoying it. And sometimes we create those complications ourselves, anyways….


When one moves away to college, they pack up the majority of their belongings in boxes to store in the basement. Knicknacks, old books, stuffed animals, high school awards… Like any other student, I did the same. Over the last…


If ever I should wonder whether I picked the right majors (Marketing & Management), all I have to do is remember how I ace the exams in these classes without even trying. It is still snowing.


Something about home never changes. Even though I love Chicago, the suburbs somehow welcome me back every time I come. Tonight is windy, cold, and raining, but the lights in the little downtown were bright and everyone was as superficial…

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