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Writer’s Block

I have a problem with writer’s block. Recently, no matter how hard I try, I struggle with this problem and cannot seem to overcome it.

Of course, it is probably stress from various facets of my life manifesting themselves in my writing. School is over and I’m going back home, and I hope to get some new inspiration there. I’ve found that whenever I move, I get to see things with new eyes.

But it is quite frustrating when you look at a poem you just wrote and think, “Oy. That is worse than the stuff I wrote in high school.”


One thought on “Writer’s Block

  1. Hi Sholeh,

    I was reading about your having writer’s block, and not being able to overcome it.

    It reminded me of how I was last year (I am a programmer, but I can go through writer’s block too). After speaking with my counselor, I found that I was experiencing depression.

    I was pretty much in denial at first, because I’m generally a happy guy, but I had noticed that I was tired all the time, and it didn’t seem to matter how much exercise or good food I got. I couldn’t keep my thoughts together. Apparently, sometimes when we have had lots of stress in our lives, our brains can get to a point where connections aren’t able to be made as well.

    Anyway, about a week and a half after I began taking wellbutrin, my writer’s block was gone.

    I’m not saying that this is the problem you are having, I have only started reading your posts this evening. I just thought I would mention it in case it’s something you think might be worth checking out.

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