Last night I walked down the long gravel path arm in arm with my flatmate. We looked at the sky with scattered stars over an empty field, and the lights shining behind and in front of us. Saturday evenings at Bahji are priceless. I will look back on these short days with longing, and I am so glad that I know this now.

In the winter it smells like roses in the Shrines, and in the summer I remember the smell of jasmine. At sunset the trees are aflame and the shadows grow slowly when I circle the gardens. At night there are the shimmering globes that give off a cool illumination, isolated spots of focus in the darkness.

I gazed at the ceiling, my knees pressed against the thick carpets and my hands folded in my lap. The vines, stones, flowers, and metal intertwine, the softness of the silence contrasts with the brightly lit room.

“Let thy soul glow with the flame of this undying Fire that burneth in the midmost heart of the world, in such wise that the waters of the universe shall be powerless to cool down its ardor.”

(Baha’u’llah, Gleanings, p. 38)

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  1. you’re not alone. thank you for keeping the poems coming. it’s so nice to see others writing long after my own pen falls short.
    btw, nice new design 🙂

  2. Your imagery is astounding. I can see every piece of this, and it makes me long to be back in Haifa after an absence of 8 years. Cherish every second, because you are so lucky to be there.

  3. Sholeh! I’m checking out your blog and I LOVE IT! What you said about the Holy Land is so beautiful. Our pilgrimage was last February so I can only recall the smell of roses and oranges but I can IMAGINE what it must smell like in the summer. 🙂 You are soo blessed to be there right now!!!! All my love! Happy Naw-Ruz!

  4. it may interest you (or creep you out) to know that in the last year or so, a good 80% of my desktop backgrounds have been photographs taken by you. this one made it. 🙂

  5. Dan, that is an enormous compliment!! Thank you!

    Asiyih, Happy Naw Ruz to you as well!

  6. Sholeh, I love the new color scheme and banner! It’s a very mature look, young lady! Incredibly fitting for a servant of the Holy Land, methinks. 😉

  7. Um you best not been holding another flatmate arm and arm. You cheatin on me! lol : )

  8. Heather, Thank you!!!

    Mojan, glad I could depict it accurately.

    Maysoon, you know I could never cheat on you. hehehe.

  9. I have never been prouder to say or more humbly uttered, “I told you so.” Though I’m sure you knew it all along. I cannot tell you how much I cherish your happiness. The light of the flame burns bright.