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Secret Door

there are secrets in the way
eyelashes touch skin
in the way we sidestep battlefields
burying our smiles in murmurs
we are perfect strangers.

This weekend, the first two days of the Fast (our weekend is Friday & Saturday, remember!)…was exactly what I needed. A delightful breakfast with my flatmates the first morning, shopping in the sunlight (I’ve invested in a DVD player & perused an art store), movies, breakfast on the Saturday morning with most of the people in my apartment building, Saturday afternoon at Bahji, and finally dinner at my apartment to break the Fast with friends.

It makes up for an Ayyam-i-Ha that was a bit less than stellar. 🙂

I finished reading Muhammad and the Course of Islam, am almost done with The World Order of Baha’u’llah, and read Tuesdays with Morrie, which I highly recommend. This weekend I started Epistle to the Son of the Wolf, but I am also looking for some lighter reading to supplement.


3 thoughts on “Secret Door

  1. I haven’t really got any reading suggestions for you—I’m not much of a reader… just wanted to wish you a happy Fast 😉

    oh and as always, great appreciation for your poetry 🙂

    oh and wishing I could be in Bahji too 🙁

  2. It sounds like a great weekend. We had a good one, too, and ours sounds very similar to yours! Funny how that works now that we both live in Haifa.

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