A Calm Storm

The blog of Sholeh Samadani Munion


tipping over in streams flying down a million stairs
I want to create the illusion of vastness
in the little sideways pieces of buildings.
I want to see the little ways that your words
will take hold and stay in the places between
the rose-colored gradients in a night sky.
In the ways that the close proximity of absolutely nothing
can make me understand things never said.
cracks in sidewalks can do wonderful things for perspective.
Maybe the coffee had too much sugar,
or maybe I am just in a place I’ve been many times before
it takes so much more than it used to.
I realized when I looked up that the eyes watched me,
and I had my answer all along.
The moment I stepped on the rocky shore
all of those prayers for detachment came true
veering across this delicate dance
there are secrets hidden under the roads
I knew before this place.
Maybe someday I will tell you
what I thought last night.


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