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A poem for my friends

There was this cough
that infected the BWC,
echoing down the mountain.

You may scoff,
but trust me on this,
the rockets were never this loud.

The lady afflicted by the curse
hid in corners and behind stairs
but the noise from her lungs
shook in the air.

Her friends Abi & John,
hit especially hard
cringed from the sound
of her plague-ridden bark.

In the end she became known
as the girl with the cough
if she doesn’t heal soon
they’ll have to make a Sholeh-clone.

The story behind this horrible poem is that I’ve been sick for over 2 weeks now, and unfortunately it appears to be going around because a number of people are sick. This cough I have seems to get really bad at the worst possible times: presentations, talks, prayers, etc. It laid me out pretty badly and I’ve felt pretty useless. I’m slowly getting better, but I’ve never had a cold linger this long!So we were joking around the other night, and I told some of my friends that I would write a poem for them about my cough. Have you ever tried to rhyme with “cough”? Ugh. This poem took a lot of hard sleuthing.


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