On the road again…

skoleringen 7 mogreina see This is great! I’m driving to Minnesota tomorrow morning (Thursday) to visit my extended family there. I’ll get back on Sunday, probably. Then next Wednesday night I fly to Los Angeles, will be there for 5 days.

http://usualwedding.space/2018/08 koblingsskinne for fronter Friday, October 27th: Halloween Party at my house, 8 pm. Costumes required. You know the drill. 😀 Surprises in store. woohoo!

symptomen lage bloeddruk there I want to write more, wish I could just let myself write but I don’t have the time and I have not yet gotten back into the world of the living. I’ve kind of been on a hiatus in regards to http://radiowhile.site/2018/08 vermiste jongen tilburg people in general, and I’m just now slowly coming out of it. Forgive me if I’ve not been around much, I have been very busy.

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