Well, yeah.

city lounge oyonnax I am not a good pet owner.

primate définition svt The other night I took out our gerbil, Sushi, from his cage and put him in his exercise ball to run around the living room.

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http://latermaster.live/2019/04 schmerzen akuter blutdruck I promptly forgot about him. One of my roommates (not sure who) rescued him and placed him back in his cage. *sigh* I felt very bad.

energiesparen im alltag


http://givencompany.live/2019/06 predictions pour 2017 en france If you haven’t seen the new Weird Al video, White and Nerdy, you really must. For all of us nerds, geeks, and brains, this is especially poignant. When I was in middle school my group of friends was obsessed with Weird Al. We had one tape that we would pass around the group, taking turns listening to it.

was hilft zur muskelentspannung click Explains a bit about me, huh? 😀

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  1. jugend mode ab 2000er view hmmm… Well, perhaps naming him SUSHI gives you a recurring, subliminal message. Worth considering. :)-

  2. wurf fange spiel kinder go Hehe, I can definitely relate.

    etudiertheme spectacle cm2 Weird Al was a staple at the all-night RISK parties (the epitome of nerdiness) my friends had back in 5th and 6th grade. I saw the White and Nerdy vid @ the gym last week and got a good chuckle — but it still has nothing on my classic faves: Fat, Amish Paradise, Pretty Fly for a Rabbi, Eat It, It’s All About the Pentiums, and Gump.