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Happy Birthday to me! What a wonderful birthday…I ate so much chocolate I can’t even move. mmm.

Thank you to everyone who called, left messages, texted, and sent smoke signals. I am surrounded by amazing family and friends.

September seems to be a time of change for me, and this year is no exception. So blessed!

“True reliance is for the servant to pursue his profession and calling in this world, to hold fast unto the Lord, to seek naught but His grace, inasmuch as in His Hands is the destiny of all His servants.”


7 thoughts on “woohoo!

  1. Man! I wish I would have thought of smoke signals!

    Change is good. Any good news, or was this just a new mindset on certain subjects that needed to be changed?

  2. happy birthday, sholeh!!! and yes, you are surrounded by many who love and support you. what a gift!

  3. Sholeh, I wanted to send smoke signals, I really did, but no sooner did I get everything set up then my roomate comes home and asks me all sorts of -unreasonable- questions about what I’m doing and why the living room couch is on fire. Honestly, some people….

    Yay for an awesome birthday! You are older and theoretically wiser. I say theoretically because it hasn’t happened for me yet, but lemme know if you have better results. 🙂

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