A rivalry of shoes

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willy toussaint années 1930 One of my friends pointed me in the direction of this article at BBC about Adidas & Puma.

http://closerlooks.live/2019 knifflige spiele aus holz http://howeverlive.live/2019/05 eiserner vorhang theater “It’s quite a crazy story because in this little town, Herzogenaurach, a cobblestoned medieval town, you have two of the world’s biggest sports companies,” says Barbara Smit.

leitung michelin karlsruhe Apparently two brothers started a shoe company in the 1920s, but a feud happened between them, and eventually everyone in the town had to choose sides.

nelson architects mumbai http://drivecost.live/2019/04 ware ersteigert und nicht bezahlt Rudolf, or Rudi, set up his rival firm, Puma, on one side of the river; Adolf, or Adi, stayed on the hill and shortened his name to form Adidas.

http://chooseteam.live/2019/05 stanyl tw341 massetemperatur I find it very amusing that such a feud created two of the largest and most famous sports companies in the world…and that it was in a little German town, the name of which I can’t even pronounce.

bombers femme bleu lucas and marcus taille Even in death, Rudi and Adi were not reconciled. At the local cemetery, their graves are about as far apart as you can get.

collegues traduction anglais Although the feud had some positive result (the creation of two companies), it is also very sad that the brothers never allowed themselves to get over their pride and hurt. Ah well…the story as old as time, eh?

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