Top 10 things…

rachael yamagata tightrope walker view that are awesome about working for a large corporation at headquarters: francis ford coppola dracula 10. Free mouthwash in the bathrooms…with little disposable cups.

caravia beach hotel see 9. Parking is never a problem.

eerst texen of schilderen 8. Italian ice for afternoon snacks.

eanukku vaitha adimigal full movie download watch 7. Free camp chairs with the company logo on them.

ligner på sebra check 6. Grilled steak, hamburgers, and hot dogs when you have to work overtime on the weekend.

veni domine taizé partition anamnèse 5. Office supplies whenever you need them (and no one complains about you needing office supplies!) første arbeidere laestadianske vekkelsen 4. A cafeteria in the building, with a cook who knows that you can’t eat bread and leaves the bun off of your hamburger.

silje april koch christensen see 3. The coffee is already made when you get to work because there are 60 other sales reps who are more addicted than you are.

structure aluminium stand 2. Almost getting run over by flatbed trucks on the way to & from the parking lot…every day. Woohoo adrenaline rush!

tømmerpriser 2017 sb skog 1. Having an ID badge with your name on it…and you actually look good in the picture.

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  1. essence skin legend of legend 10. No… no free mouthwash here, but we are permitted to bring a toothbrush and toothpaste. vol interne thaïlande 9. Parking is no longer a problem now that we have let 2/3 of our people go.

    nordisk sweater dame opskrift visit 8. Hmmm… we do have an ice machine in the breakroom, I guess we just have to be creative. charbon actif bienfait peau 7. We do get chairs so we don’t have to stand at our desks all day.

    registre sécurité code du travail 6. We do get some free food if we have to work OT over the weekend, just not grilled steaks (that sounds nice).

    film mroczna wieża watch 5. Office supplies rulez! leren theorie auto 4. There is a cafeteria in the next office building that we can order food without getting into trouble (having the chef remembering your food preferences is another issue).

    hva kan en bruke tallerkenhylle til here 3. The coffee is usually ready if you get in at the right time, if not there are pretty signs everywhere to remind you to make some for yourself and others. 😛

    silkeborg forsyning tietgensvej 2. I can use that adrenaline rush! The walk from the parking lot to the office is pretty uneventful (unless you get in during trash day and you enjoy car alarms set off by the garbage truck).

    charles levine 1927 beim papst 1. Yea, we do get ID badges with our mug shots on there, ain’t that cool? 😀 søster grene stol So, Sholeh, any openings you can refer? 🙂