In no particular order!

india tv live 1. If any of you reading this know CSS and can help me fix the banner at the top of my blog, PLEASE email me. Please. I have done as much as I can on my own and am currently at a loss. Thank you so much, Ezra!!

river rafting in india watch 2. I have been invited to be a Youth Guest at the dessus mur en pierre Baha’i National Convention this weekend. I attend Convention every year, but this is different. botulismus pferd silage (National Convention is where the Baha’is of the United States elect their National Spiritual Assembly.) I am very excited…not only to I get to spend time with friends, but I get to watch this beautiful process happen. Such a blessing.

das duo sterben statt erben visit 3. I got to see three of my closest friends last night, at different times, and it made me happy. My friend Sarah is here from Conneticut… I don’t think Chicago will be able to handle both of us. Mwahaha.

emploi chauffeur finistere visit 4. Wedding invite #4 for this year so far. Oh yes, I’ve got the dancing shoes ready. 🙂

son serra de marina ferienwohnungen here 5. Brought out my bike on Monday! It is so much more efficient to pedal around the city sometimes. I get my errands and my workout done at once.

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