In no particular order!

1. If any of you reading this know CSS and can help me fix the banner at the top of my blog, PLEASE email me. Please. I have done as much as I can on my own and am currently at a loss. Thank you so much, Ezra!!

2. I have been invited to be a Youth Guest at the Baha’i National Convention this weekend. I attend Convention every year, but this is different. (National Convention is where the Baha’is of the United States elect their National Spiritual Assembly.) I am very excited…not only to I get to spend time with friends, but I get to watch this beautiful process happen. Such a blessing.

3. I got to see three of my closest friends last night, at different times, and it made me happy. My friend Sarah is here from Conneticut… I don’t think Chicago will be able to handle both of us. Mwahaha.

4. Wedding invite #4 for this year so far. Oh yes, I’ve got the dancing shoes ready. 🙂

5. Brought out my bike on Monday! It is so much more efficient to pedal around the city sometimes. I get my errands and my workout done at once.

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