Lost Cassete tapes

ganons donnerfluch besiegen Yesterday
I heard the voice of myself
at age 4
I spoke with a Persian inflection
as I said prayers into the microphone
age 5
I read from a children’s book
not recognizing myself as I realized
the strength of my southern accent
(South Carolina public schools)
But when I spoke to my parents
I had no accent at all.

http://fieldalright.live/2019/04 kobold messring gmbh werk ii sindelfingen “Maman joon, Baba joon, Allah’u’abha.
This is Sholeh, and I am going to say
some prayers for you.”
The messages that we sent my grandparents
17 years ago
brought tears to my eyes,
the slight lisp of my 4 year old sister
as she said her ABCs
and talked about riding the elephant at the circus
and sang prayers and children’s songs.
“Maman joon, Baba joon, can you come visit us?
We will play with you, and we miss you.”

http://crazyfind.live/2019/05 vin brule recette I heard the patient voice of my mother
“Ahfarin, Sholeh joon.” (Good job, Sholeh dear)
As my 3 year old self
pointed out objects: duck! moo! ob!

quartier oudinot nancy Why do we forget the things
that should never be left behind?
I cried today…
I wish I could go back sometimes
to that innocent child of my past
to let her know that I love her.

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  1. sara placement pune Y’know, sometimes we forget how simple and beautiful life used to be…when we had no worries…when all you cared about was whether to take a nap, or to go out and play…

    laurier palme culture view funny how we’re born to be so innocent and how we grow up to the life that is what we live in…


    beautifully put, s-dawg.