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Building up or tearing down?

(October 2005: Chicago, IL)

This is what they meant
when speaking in rhymes.
No fan of riddles, am I.
But in something they said
in the way it was read
spoke to me in symphony,
the harmony did not join,
I was left in misery
for a moment in time.

Why do these things always remind me
of things gone and lost and slipped away?
Rewinding back to where I first saw this
the beginning of my awakened state
desperately reaching for the one thing,
the only thing, I think
that will hold me up past the sunset…


3 thoughts on “Building up or tearing down?

  1. Building Up.
    Way, Way Up.
    There is no reason to the rhyme
    It is just games in place and time
    Games and rhymes for which we do not care
    But forced to play and read in our despair.
    The Master beholds from His Tabernacle on High
    the affairs of His Servants which bring them nigh.

  2. P.S.

    The Architect Supreme knows the edifice’s station
    And the beauty within examines for its Renovation

    Don’t mind my silly posts, maybe just a little too much sugar and astonishment here, heheh… -JW

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