I’ll walk down to where I saw the beautiful things and lit up faces falling down in beautiful symmetry, pausing to reflect on exactly what brought this interaction here.
Writing is my escape to worlds no one can follow, except to trail behind in murmurings beyond my control.
Taking steps through places and around to parts of the pieces of my soul, beyond beyond and above.
I’ll take pictures to keep track of memories, pictures with my eyes to save in my mind, to save in my heart.
Detachment from one two three things, counting down as I check them off, and more come to the list but I welcome it.
Take me down, love, down to the places we used to play as children, wiping those tears and making dreams out of tree leaves and summer sun.
I’ll write on paper about all of the things I used to know and feel, and they’ll know the strength of my bravery in the face of what the world means.
Whisper to keep close the blessing of knowing what it is to live at this moment, to serve in this way, purity of thought and motive…we’re circling around one step after another after another.

I’ll see you at the end, and we’ll walk down to the paths we know well, at the edge of a new place, to face a new creation.

We’ll call it home.

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  1. This is probably a dumb question for those who know you better, but do you write all these poems? Cause if so…wow.

  2. Hey Joe! Yes, I do write all of these poems. If I ever quote something, I put the source. 🙂 Thank you!

  3. Salam hanem, so this is where you keep your thoughts ha. I’d rather get to know you, but since you’re always on the run I guess I’ll just read your writings which are pretty good I’m impressed.