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Funny Business

Things can get repetitive in business…you hear the same terms, snazzy fads, and tired lingo over and over. In order to keep myself from going crazy while reading my finance, strategic orgs, and operations management texts, I decided to find the humor in them. They’re actually really good textbooks…but they’re textbooks nonetheless.

“The name of the game is competition. The playing field is global. Those who understand how to play the game will succeed; those who don’t are doomed to failure.”
Operations Management, Chapter 2

Sometimes, things are vocabulary words that would seem to be common sense:

failure- situation in which a product, part, or system does not perform as intended.

recycling- recovering materials for future use.
“…what do we mean by the long run? As a famous economist once remarked, in the long run, we’re all dead!”
– Essentials of Corporate Finance, Chapter 1

“When looking at an income statement, unusual expenses should be excluded, but it appears that you should examine unusual expenses with unusual skepticism.”
– Essentials of Corporate Finance, Chapter 3
Basically, I could go on and on…but you get the idea. I love being a business major.


One thought on “Funny Business

  1. Great post! I esp liked the clever title, good use of dollar signs, and amusing definitions. Oh, and the quotes too. Basically everything.

    The only funny thing in engineering (esp civiil engineering) are the engineers themselves, and then mostly because we’re nerds…

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