The truth is…

rythme scapulo humeral check Am I true to myself
when I refuse to bare my soul to the world?
Maybe my way is more subtle
and leaves people guessing
at meanings and stories
behind the words I put on paper.
Sometimes I wish I could place
the burdens of my heart
out for the million’s vastness to see
to pick apart, analyze, judge, and
then leave behind.
It might make for some peace of mind.
You don’t know how serious I can be,
beyond the drama.
Oh yes, I used to be a trageriemen leder braun dreamer,
these thoughts beyond quiet superstition
into realms of reality
far less keen.
I wanted to take pictures today of all of the different zenpark paris 12 kinds of people I saw passing me on the street. Part of the beauty of living in a large city in America…every person you pass looks drastically different. Beautiful!! I feel spoiled that this is my vantage point every day. hat recht hat recht There is construction behind and in front of my house right now. This morning I went to unlock my bike from the back patio and found it completely covered in construction dust. Also, they had to move a truck to let me out into the alley. ahh the power when tiny parole side to side me has the ability to make trucks move out of my way! 😛

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