Lower Wacker Drive

The tunnels under the skyscrapers
feel abandoned, misused,
dirty and alone but somehow
still mysterious.
We don’t know what is behind
those pillars, walls, fences, and doors,
hiding away the basement of the city.
Maid and bellboys from the big hotels
rendevous in dim orange light,
and trucks unload unmarked boxes
at unmarked doors.
I speed through with quiet efficiency,
hugging corners and discovering
new things each time I drive
through Chicago’s hidden side.

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  1. I experienced those tunnels only in racing sims until a recent trip to Chicago. I must say the experience wasn’t much different firsthand as Greg’s passenger.

    Perhaps next time I can travel a bit slower so that the blur gives way to these nameless portals to the catacombs. Thanks for the imagery, Sholeh.