Service high availability azure We did service at the Chicago Baha’i Center today.

livmor trekker seg sammen there It was a small group (remarkably smaller than the group that shows up at say….beach volleyball). But we ended up having a good time, ate food, and took care of the Center. I love being able to make sure that the Center is clean and people can come there for any event, and that the children have a place to have children’s classes.

sprachliche mittel tabelle check A lot of people don’t realize the work that needs to be done there. It is an old building, and needs a lot of care. Painting, weeding, sanding, light bulb replacement, plumbing, electrical work…the list never ends. hotel germano bardolino Someday we’ll have a new Center, but for now…this is what we’ve got.

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  1. sol in du result here I must agree w/ Mr. J, I very much enjoyed my one and only oppertunity to serve at the Chicago center, even if I did lose a car window and a camera in the process 🙂