forme e luoghi del potere 272740748OgJLrm_ph.jpg ecole rousseau colmar These are the colors we chose for our dining room wall “mural”. It is all done now, but you’ll have to come over to our house to see the finished product. 😀 invitation thème maquillage mycoplasma pneumoniae trouble psychiatrique here (Actually, I haven’t gotten around to taking a final picture yet…will do that soon, I promise!) portail akeo accueil We painted it all in 2 evenings, and did not spill a drop of paint ANYWHERE. We’re just awesome like that. Mad skillz in my house, yo. bennington golf bags I forgot how much I like painting! Especially using a roller…haven’t done it in such a long time. My dad, being awesome as he is, taught us how to paint when we were young, which is useful when you grow older and have to do things for yourself. I’m also not afraid to wield hedge clippers, a lawnmower, a handsaw, and various gardening/home repair tools. I may not be an expert, but I can get the job done. 😉
PS: my internet magically started working again after nearly 2 weeks of sulking. Silly computer. *shakes head*

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  1. norman lewis neapel 44 view OHHHHHH! I wanna see! Angie told me that you were all consulting on such a project, but she also told me that a produce stand side tracked Linds and her from actually acuiring the paint. It sounds like it is pretty cool! I hope that I can make it up there some time soon and see it!

    ohlala und solala infobox Oh, Chi, how I miss you so… junior buchhalter frankfurt –Genevieve