Too soon to freeze

koffer gypsy gitarre habimat ferté sous jouarre (A water main near my work exploded and coated trees and power lines in ice, creating a temporary ice world.)

laine jean claude there hoch deutschland buch visit pull jimmy taverniti Here
This is where
those fragile moments
came together
in a dazzled display
of laughter and inside jokes.
This is where
each of us
have been able to show ourselves
as who we truly are.
There is no need to
tear ourselves down
in order to build up.
I am faced with
the improbability of this…
the beauty and delicacy…
I am reminded, finally,
of why, and how,
and that despite what is said
we overcome our issues
with each other and the world.
Even if it means that somehow
(just a little bit)
we grow up.

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