Apparently I’m more of a “spontaneously funny” person. 🙂

(Thanks to Kelsey for the pic, yes that is me in the bag. Angela is next to me.)

“Therefore I hope that whether you be in the east or the west you will strive with heart and soul in order that day by day the world of humanity may become glorified, more spiritual, more sanctified; and that the splendor of the Sun of Reality may be revealed fully in human hearts as in a mirror. This is worthy of the world of mankind. This is the true evolution and progress of humanity. This is the supreme bestowal. Otherwise, by simple development along material lines man is not perfected. At most, the physical aspect of man, his natural or material conditions may become stabilized and improved but he will remain deprived of the spiritual or divine bestowal. He is then like a body without a spirit, a lamp without the light, an eye without the power of vision, an ear that hears no sound, a mind incapable of perceiving, an intellect minus the power of reason.”

(Abdu’l-Baha, Baha’i World Faith, p. 262)

Another confirming quotation from the Writings. This is why I strive.

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  1. Hmmm….the juxtoposition of the bag picture and the quote is very interesting. But, I’m afraid I don’t see the connection. Can you explain?

  2. There is no connection…well, we WERE doing service at the Baha’i Center when we took that picture, but other than that…I don’t like making multiple posts at the same time. hehe.