The Weather

I am like a freaking barometer. Whenever the air pressure changes, I get headaches.

Combine that with my unfulfilled caffiene addiction…today has been yucky.

So my migraine is making me nauseous and dizzy. What a wonderful Friday night. 🙂

Counting down till the end of the semester…only a few more weeks left…

(Despite what it sounds like, I’m actually in a pretty good mood!)

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  1. i get the same kind of headaches – totally relate. i’ve learned to take some sudafed in the a.m. though and that seems to help for the day. also, drink a lot of water…

  2. Ahhhhhhhhh! I get those pressure headaches, too. I thought it was just because I’m the weather fairy that they’re related… if I have a headache, the air pressure changes, you know? 😉