The Weather

de vriend fysio I am like a freaking barometer. Whenever the air pressure changes, I get headaches.

suche orginale luger magazine Combine that with my unfulfilled caffiene addiction…today has been yucky.

erfahrensreiche duden wie wird es geschrieben So my migraine is making me nauseous and dizzy. What a wonderful Friday night. 🙂

gary webb death visit Counting down till the end of the semester…only a few more weeks left… i hinandens hænder lijn gewicht bepalen (Despite what it sounds like, I’m actually in a pretty good mood!)

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  1. arke reizen curacao link Ahhhhhhhhh! I get those pressure headaches, too. I thought it was just because I’m the weather fairy that they’re related… if I have a headache, the air pressure changes, you know? 😉