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Things of note

1) Omid (Allen Eghrari) has a blog. We grew up together, so it is fun to have this window into his life at med school. yay!

2) Group projects should be outlawed. I have 5 of them this semester. Yes, one in EVERY class except Logic. And some of my groups are extremely lazy…which affects my grade.

3) Parties are awesome. Thanks to everyone who came out tonight!

4) I have a list of books to read that is so long it hurts to think about it. This is outside of my school reading, mind you. The first on the list is The Seven Valleys and the Four Valleys. (Read it online here) I started it a few days ago.

4) I vote in a Baha’i election tomorrow for the first time. How cool is that? Such a responsibility, I’m excited!!

Speaking of tomorrow, I need sleep so that I can function like a normal human being.


3 thoughts on “Things of note

  1. *shudders*

    Ugh….those goshdarn group projects. I had one in English class that was absolutely painful. To give you an idea of what this experience was like, here’s a little story:

    One day in class, we were discussing political buzzwords and what they mean outwardly, and the subtext that they contain. For instance, when John Kerry says, “I want to get us back to a politics of hope”, he’s subtextually saying, “I’m a visionary!”. Anyhow, our teacher gave us an in-class assignment. We were each to come up with buzzwords that we used each day, and describe them to the class. After 15 minutes, everyone shared their buzzwords. Half the class chose the word “sweet”, the other half chose “tight”. I am not exagerating. There was ONE other person (besides me) that DID NOT chose either of these two words.

    Now, imagine that four of these bright little students and I teamed up for a group project on United States Foreign policy in Israel. *sigh*


  2. You should link to the Baha’i Resource Library version of The Seven Valleys and the Four Valleys, which are my favorite works of the Glory of God. If i may share my favorite quote…
    “He” (love) “hath bound a myriad victims in his fetters, wounded a myriad wise men with his arrow. Know that every redness in the world is from  11  his anger, and every paleness in men’s cheeks is from his poison. He yieldeth no remedy but death, he walketh not save in the valley of the shadow; yet sweeter than honey is his venom on the lover’s lips, and fairer his destruction in the seeker’s eyes than a hundred thousand lives.”

  3. Brandon: You’re right. I’ll link to it. Thanks!

    Andrew: Oh man I have no room to complain. SWEET story. 😉

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