Mind dump

tartar sauce recipe visit Working in Logistics, I have discovered that I am not cut out for a 3 am job. That is all. I work with Security this week. Woot. It is a lot cooler than it sounds…I hope.

http://knifecourse.site/2018/08 forlæns og baglæns bamse stop saying yes Book update:
I finished the two fantasy books I had talked about and read two more (total 4). I am still working on Anna Karenina, got bored with it for a while there. I returned The Rise of the Creative Class to the library. I just couldn’t get into it! 🙁

historique annuel cac 40 go svibler etter blomstring visit Recent movies (in no order):
Spiderman 2
Mean Girls
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
A Life Less Ordinary
Two Week’s Notice
Much Ado About Nothing
The 13th Warrior
Ella Enchanted
Shrek 2
The Chronicles of Riddick
and a couple more I don’t remember.

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  1. sara bennett show band watch Nice blog Sholeh 🙂

    nova skin wallpaper Any favorites from the list?

    generate meaning in hindi How were Spiderman 2 and Dodgeball? Worth the price of admission?

    ekstrabladet nyheder og sport Which version of Much Ado did you watch? The one with Branagh, Thompson, Reaves, and Washington? Notice a very young Kate Beckinsale making her big-screen debut as Hero.

    mening over donald trump check I would also recommend The Terminal. Some loved it, others hated it… I was dragged into it, and although it is somewhat of a chick flick, I still think it was very entertaining.

  2. cache moteur 307 see “Yeah I’m thinking about taking that new girl from logistics…if things go well, I might be showin her my ‘O’ face….OOOO…OOOO…you know what I’m talkin about…OOOOO”

    http://robput.life email adresse blockieren –Drew from Office Space talking about taking the girl from logistics to the party.

  3. Arash: spiderman was too cheesy for me, Dodgeball was great, Much Ado w/Washinton yes, Harry Potter, Shrek 2, & Riddick were awesome, A Life Less Ordinary made me think, and the others were average/stunk. 🙂

    Gloria: mean girls was ok. rentable maybe, but not to see twice.

    Sam: hahahaha.