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Mind dump

Working in Logistics, I have discovered that I am not cut out for a 3 am job. That is all. I work with Security this week. Woot. It is a lot cooler than it sounds…I hope.

Book update:
I finished the two fantasy books I had talked about and read two more (total 4). I am still working on Anna Karenina, got bored with it for a while there. I returned The Rise of the Creative Class to the library. I just couldn’t get into it! πŸ™

Recent movies (in no order):
Spiderman 2
Mean Girls
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
A Life Less Ordinary
Two Week’s Notice
Much Ado About Nothing
The 13th Warrior
Ella Enchanted
Shrek 2
The Chronicles of Riddick
and a couple more I don’t remember.


4 thoughts on “Mind dump

  1. Nice blog Sholeh πŸ™‚

    Any favorites from the list?

    How were Spiderman 2 and Dodgeball? Worth the price of admission?

    Which version of Much Ado did you watch? The one with Branagh, Thompson, Reaves, and Washington? Notice a very young Kate Beckinsale making her big-screen debut as Hero.

    I would also recommend The Terminal. Some loved it, others hated it… I was dragged into it, and although it is somewhat of a chick flick, I still think it was very entertaining.

  2. how silly was Mean Girls? Previews didn’t look too good.
    by the end of summer, we’ll probably have rented out the whole movies store : )

  3. “Yeah I’m thinking about taking that new girl from logistics…if things go well, I might be showin her my ‘O’ face….OOOO…OOOO…you know what I’m talkin about…OOOOO”

    –Drew from Office Space talking about taking the girl from logistics to the party.

  4. Arash: spiderman was too cheesy for me, Dodgeball was great, Much Ado w/Washinton yes, Harry Potter, Shrek 2, & Riddick were awesome, A Life Less Ordinary made me think, and the others were average/stunk. πŸ™‚

    Gloria: mean girls was ok. rentable maybe, but not to see twice.

    Sam: hahahaha.

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