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My own words

“Praise be to God,” He said, “that whatever is essential for the believers in this Revelation to be told has been revealed. Their duties have been clearly defined, and the deeds they are expected to perform have been plainly set forth in Our Book. Now is the time for them to arise and fulfil their duty. Let them translate into deeds the exhortations We have given them.”

(Bah’u’llah in The Dawn-Breakers, p. 582)

If I had to choose to speak with my own words or to share the words of Baha’u’llah, what do you think I would choose?

8 year old bride. This story is heartbreaking…nothing new in the history of the world, but I wanted to share nonetheless.


One thought on “My own words

  1. quite a juxtaposition of thoughts.

    i like quoting too; i sometimes think of it as arranging raw energy that my mind can only later begin to break down, process, interpret. sharing it with others for feedback usually helps me to get different angles for breaking it down and later applying it.

    the 8 year old girl- very sad story. who knows how many souls have led a life like that on this earth.

    as i was reading her words i was thinking how much older than 8 yrs her voice seemed, then the author made the same comment.

    childhood stolen is one of the worst crimes known.



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