it isn’t over yet

kamei speed 340 schwarz click mike tyson 2018 click written May 23, 2003 instant luxe sac Not flying so high that my eyes remain dry
Not that Iím running down your sanity
Itís my fantasy
My fallacy
Silky smooth, Iíve fallen for you
Not empty adoration, simply a realization
That I thought I knew la bible bd la genese partie 1 In the space between a second
On sapphire wings you flew
Swimming through the sky of my mind
Pushing through the web of their lies
In cracked silence
With silver tears she cries revit format kitchen family Not knowing the finite line
Not seeing the invisible sign
That tells me to move forward
And make no mistake
Itís not just your mind Iím looking toward
Itís beyond your heart
And so much moreÖ

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  1. glock 18 westland rebel there This would be a great spoken word piece. Very beautiful! Also, I can see your poetry becoming a little wiser…I don’t know how quite to explain it other than that. Keep it comin.

    ninja warrior tv show click And I’m curious to know the inspiration for this….

  2. abonnement aftenposten barn check must agree with +Mojan & Lacey- this is a very beautiful poem-

    actually i’m seeing it more as song lyrics, but that’s just me…

    probably have U2 on the brain again (when do i not? haha) … ambiguity is one of their (Bono’s) lyrical strongpoints-

    if one pulls it (ambiguity) off well, which i think you have, it makes for a very strong piece because people can get more than one thing from it-

    “on sapphire wings”- that may be my favorite image from the poem- didn’t you have that line up here earlier?

    yeh, i hope you do post more…

  3. Jay-
    i did have that line up, but I wanted the title of my blog to be Sliding Thoughts…maybe when I get around to it, “on sapphire wings” will be a minor little note somewhere. ūüôā