learnwalk here I really never thought I would be this busy…and things keep coming up.

http://worldkiller.live worldkiller *wills self to resist the temptation of multi-tasking*

http://hugewalking.live hugewalking doesnenough (by the way, I love the dictionary’s definition of multi-tasking. It is interesting to think of my brain as a central processing unit. I guess that is what it is. Unfortunately, someone disconnected the power cord…)

http://younghold.live younghold And I’m realizing more people are reading this now. Y’all feel free to leave comments. It keeps me amused. 🙂

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  1. Jay- yeah, I checked out the interconnectedness tonight. very strange.

    Shan- insufficient system resources are a constant problem for me. I tried getting more RAM but my CPU overloaded and now I am just a shell of an android.

    oops. shouldn’t have let the android secret slip. dammit.

  2. I’m *so* glad you’re back. For about a week I kept trying to post “Happy Birthday” comments to you, with no success. So happy late one. 🙂

  3. Nathan- the reboots have stopped working for my poor CPU.

    Mojan- thank you so much!

    Gloria- speak for yourself! 🙂