angle ripage av I really never thought I would be this busy…and things keep coming up.

http://nobodydance.live/2019/05 défi pièces auto *wills self to resist the temptation of multi-tasking*

internet windows update see http://cannothold.live/2019/05 cité congrès nantes (by the way, I love the dictionary’s definition of multi-tasking. It is interesting to think of my brain as a central processing unit. I guess that is what it is. Unfortunately, someone disconnected the power cord…)

toilettes rose et gris view And I’m realizing more people are reading this now. Y’all feel free to leave comments. It keeps me amused. 🙂

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  1. http://extrashall.live/2019/05 ariana grande instagram official glad to see your posts again, sounds like you had a great trip, and party!…

    http://evensake.live/2019/05 kojima saya bunny gakuen e youkoso hmm, and i’m noticing i’m starting to read more and more blogs, and that they’re all interconnected… more directly than i thought…

    http://feelcaptain.live/2019/04 traurige deutsche lieder zum weinen …speaking of busy…i better go…

    connexion gmail aide later…

  2. bill und fleur Jay- yeah, I checked out the interconnectedness tonight. very strange.

    http://fiveladies.live/2019/05 schluss email englisch Shan- insufficient system resources are a constant problem for me. I tried getting more RAM but my CPU overloaded and now I am just a shell of an android.

    heilige messe live check oops. shouldn’t have let the android secret slip. dammit.