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Melted cheese incident

This is interesting…pointed out by my friend Dan. A bit disturbing…1984, anyone? Bwahaha.

The Taste of Chicago is not what it is cracked up to be, but I DID have a good time, mostly because of the company I was in. Note to self…hearing Erykah Badu sing but not being able to see her is a bit disappointing…but the company I was in made up for it all.

My cell phone died in a melted cheese incident (burrito + cell phone + purse = death). So if you try to call me…you’ll probably fail. Call my house. I’m usually here anyways. And I lost all of my phone numbers.


10 thoughts on “Melted cheese incident

  1. You put burritos in your purse?

    This is actually very pleasing. I know where to look for snacks in Chicago now.

  2. Hmm new nokiaburitos out! lets all give them a try sometime?!
    50 cents, no rebate.
    Extra cheese for an extra big smile.

    Only at Chepoltes.

  3. So *that’s* what Kevin was talking about yesterday! Note to Sholeh: if you must put burrito in purse, be sure it is wrapped in a plastic bag. 🙂

  4. arrg I remember what I was gona say!
    hopefully I remember next time we talk…

    but hey here’s my number in case it was one of the ones lost in the fiasco. or was it more of a debacle?

    773 895 0472-

    rrrrrrrblublublub, etc, etc.

  5. Mojan: yeah, I think I forgot to explain that to you. hehe. There WAS foil around it, but I guess it had holes.

    Shannon: Thanks, I think I had your number on my computer, but I’ll give you a call. 😉 And hey, I think my memory is worse!

  6. hey girl…dude, that sucks. even though it hasn’t been …er … a week or so since i’ve seen u, it seems like ages! ha but for sheezy, lets chill soon cuz i’m back. wow. im def. back. hmmm…

  7. yeah Paul, you go ahead and enjoy having my number. Check out Sholeh’s photo pages, Im the 6’2″ racialy mixed dude with the big hairy beard. ha! and you where picturing “brenda” from 90210! you sucker! Ahhahahhahahahahhahahah!

    oh. um. sorry guys, I’ll just go eat breakfast now.

  8. Shannon — you’re 6’2″?!?

    Sholeh — you’re now on my list of weblogs to check out on a daily! 🙂

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