10 years and my love

negative uhrzeit anzeigen excel link I had a plan to write all sorts of blog posts recently. And then…well, I had to dive into the 4 youth conferences I’m working on and then something else really big happened in my life and suddenly it was the end of July and I hadn’t written anything in nearly 2 months.

http://unclefree.space knapp aber passt schon On June 28, 2003, I wrote my first post on the current incarnation of this blog. It was about me putting food in my purse. Somehow that is fitting. http://thiscool.space/2018/08 ruche orpheline sans couvain This June was 10 continuous years of writing here. A decade of thoughts. It is hard to believe. I’ve been blogging since 2001 but I have been consistently writing here for such a long time, I can’t imagine ever shutting this down. I have to thank my friend Paul (and his family) for hosting this blog for so many years. I couldn’t have done it myself.

http://millionladder.site/2018/08 opbygning af toradet harmonika But now for the really big news.

heung min son http://howpin.site/2018 joyeux urbains mp3 In a few short days, I will be getting married to Shea. 

palermo pizza søborg me and Shea

vannaktiviteter i barnehagen go me and Shea

conversation au restaurant en anglais I keep trying to find words to explain all of this and having a hard time doing so. We met last year and discovered this love between us through lots of conversations, prayer, walks in parks, and cooking together. Now I am getting married to a kind, patient, loving, funny man and am overjoyed to be doing so. I don’t like getting too personal on my blog most of the time, and as much as I want to write everything here, I am keeping some things off the internet. But this is just too much not to share. It is a little surreal sometimes!

steve father touch me check Here we go, on our grand adventure!

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