Venues and their lack of photos cool art snake As an event planner, I am constantly scouring websites, looking for information, photos, and contact details for venues all over the country. Whether it is a hotel, a theater, a banquet hall, or a loft space, they nearly all have one thing in common:

großes krankenhaus delmenhorst jouet mac donald du moment watch It is almost impossible to find a decent photo of what their space actually looks like. If they DO include a photo, it is 200 pixels square and was taken with a point-and-shoot from 1995. verdens slemeste man Really? You charge $4,000 for 4 hours of room rental, but you can’t hire someone to build a decent website and take a few nice photos? You are trying to sell your space but you don’t want anyone to actually SEE it?

hvordan ser man hemmelig nummer visit ugh.

credit champagne ardenne And don’t even try to find room capacity information on the website. They want you to fill out a little form, wait a week for someone to contact which point the date you wanted has been taken. ich laß für dich das licht an Sometimes they try to get fancy and have a video or some muzak start playing when you open their page, which makes you jump because you forgot to turn down the sound after watching Mad Men last night. If I want a soundtrack, I’ll turn on my own music.

ingeniørfirmaet intern transport as visit instructions campervan conversions uk So this is for all of the venues out there who can’t seem to get their act together: if you want me to use your space, build a decent website. 🙂

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  1. unbedeutende glyphe der magica herstellen go When I see things like this, my thought tends to be the author should offer precisely that as a service. You know photography and web site design, so you know what is missing and how you would address it. The next step is to offer your professional skills to address it for those without those skills.

  2. jeg er stadig christoffer Actually, I know a tiny bit about photography. Web design, not at all, I just pretend that I know how to mess around with CSS for my website. If I was actually able to do it, I would definitely charge for my services. 🙂 Normally I don’t rant about things, but it strikes me that this is something that should be part of any venue, and it boggles the mind that it is not.

  3. identification garand m1 Are you in “All I shoot is bad?” from the Photographer’s Life Graph?

    perry miniatures acw Okay… You know it is missing. I think you know more about fixing it than you give yourself credit. Even if you do not, then I still have confidence you can learn all the skills you need.

    københavn zoologisk have Between all the friends you have who do web development and hosting professionally, you could get the advice you needed to fill this niche. Or… Maybe your niche is facilitating the companies to contract with your many friends (Heather, Lacey, etc. not me) who can?