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Goodbye, Granddaddy

On Monday night I received a call at 10 pm that my paternal grandfather, Richard Loehle, had passed away. He was 87 years old and was a successful artist and writer from Georgia. My home is full of his paintings and those of my grandmother Betty. They met in art school in the 1940s in Tennessee, lived in Chicago and Georgia, and supported their family of 4 children through their art.

I was about 1 month old in this photo with my grandparents. Since I was the first grandchild, I received a lot of attention from them.
1 month old, with my grandparents

When I was little, we lived 3 hours away, so I had many opportunities to spend time with them. In this photo, I am with my grandfather in the family room of their home.
having a conversation

Granddaddy taught me how to build things, and he loved explaining how things worked. I remember when he and my dad built a swingset for us in our backyard, taking walks in the forest behind their house, and catching turtles and crawfish in the creek.
teaching me how to build

Granddaddy was a tough man who lived through the Depression and World War 2, a descendant of German immigrants. He played the trombone in high school, which I then played for a year because I wanted to play the same instrument. We would get into lively discussions about all sorts of topics, from art to books to religion.
Rest in peace, Granddaddy.

Rest in peace, Granddaddy.

(all photos taken by my mother, Neda)


6 thoughts on “Goodbye, Granddaddy

  1. Condolences on losing two important people in such a short space of time. Well, not that you’ve actually LOST them, but that they are a bit harder to touch. They and your family are in my prayers. Such a rich family history we have if we know it and treasure it.

  2. Sholeh, that is just beautiful. And I love the photos. Thank you for posting it. I’m looking forward to seeing you and your sisters.

    Aunt Lynn

  3. Beautiful tribute to your grandpa. So sorry for your loss- wonderful to live with these memories though. Love you & will keep you all in my prayers <3

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