You need to know wohnung polling weilheim Occasionally I like to bring web sites to your attention.  I don’t arbitrarily pick sites…these are hand-chosen, finely tempered sites with class and sophistication. 😉  This post’s theme is “art & education”.

verkaufen handy lumia 930 link First of all, my latest interview (in collaboration with Ramin), with artist Alberto Cerriteño,  is up at Soulpancake.  Go read it.

trotte souris trotte fahr kh 22 Progress Gallery is a fantastic business that I’ve had the pleasure of being acquainted with for a number of years now (I even helped them move into their current space several years ago).  I was delighted to hear that they put up a website, opened an Etsy shop where you can buy prints and other things, and Bob Reddy, the owner/artist, did an interview with Soulpancake.  Their gallery is located in Evanston, Illinois, so be sure to stop by if you’re in the area.

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schwer buchholz öffnungszeiten Speaking of the Reddy family, Shannon Ekundayo Reddy has re-branded as Plot Twist.  You can download his beats, check out his design work, or hire him. 🙂

sous commission cme click munitionsvorrat 1939 deutschland The bigger leaner stronger vs body beast Chicago Youth Animators “are a group of professionals from diverse ethnic, professional, and religious backgrounds who are interested in helping adolescents in Chicago schools develop the qualities and skills they will need to achieve their own life goals.” They use the junior youth materials published by Palabra, and combine “reading material, group activities, and community service projects.”

magazine msp code Misha is an artist who uses vibrant colors…whenever I see her art in someone’s home, I immediately know it is hers.  She has an online store where you can see and purchase some of her work.

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ärztliches gutachten agentur für arbeit click Andrew Johnson, (, has re-launched his site as a portfolio for his work. Go look.

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