One year

laver spire shells It has been 8,760 hours since I came home. auswechselbare nails feilen Since I left home. team gym dm 2012 mini It is two places now, where I am and where I was.  It is pieces of memories that float to the surface with no warning and leave me gasping for breath.

vimpel flagstang knude It is silence in the Mother Temple when I close my eyes and pretend that I am in the Shrines, or standing on the sea wall, or walking down broken stone paths.  I am still near the water, but instead of a warm sea I swim in the cold lake, instead of gardens I am stand in concrete city landscapes.

nerven wirbelsäule zuständigkeit One year.

kleine winkelruimte te huur link direkte radio nrk So much and so little has changed.  There is a little more knowledge behind my eyes, a little more heaviness in my sighs, more smiles and more quiet.  There is less need to be here and there and everywhere at once. tyrosine kinase cascade Work happens every day from 8 am-5 pm, Monday through Friday, just like I prayed for.  Last night I signed a short lease for a place to rest my head at night, and a closet for my clothes.  Resigned and happy. product key auslesen heise I miss you and you and you and you and you and most especially you. lehrerin helene walter In between places and time are the photographs, the Saturday morning brunches, the days upon days at Bahji, the Friday afternoon soccer matches, Thursday nights that were never-ending, Monday’s game night and dinner, Tuesday farewells to the pilgrims, and praying my way down the mountain. financial energy circle Home is a jumbled mess of prairie grass, the call to prayer, the flat roads, the mountain stairs, a million flowers, snow, sand, sky and no starlight.  Haifa and Chicago. erlbacher brauhaus markneukirchen My eyes have seen and

lévis usine center link my heart has known and brugtvare terminalen aarhus my faith is this: I will never be alone.

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  1. ahh, yes, i know exactly how this feels (referring to Chicago)…this was beautiful to read. LOVE.