Things to read, listen to, and look at. foli q tablet The illustrious Sarah Lonning has a presence on the web. Be impressed. eclipse neon for windows 10 Navid shares music, often with commentary. Brilliant. I’ve been enjoying it very much. schild offene stellen That odd fellow known as David Precht launched his site a while ago, and it is as lovely and strange as he is.

altes japanisches geld watch Genius Dog is now The Doghouse Diaries, so adjust your links. And they’re doing a fantastic job. Keep it up, guys.

umso desto oder desto umso There is a carousel at the mall that reminds me of this gorgeous photo by Shahriar. As the children go around, their faces light up and they live completely in that moment. I love that.

farbe tundra braun watch Lauren uploaded these photos from her trip to Nepal a while back but I forgot to blog about how much I loved them.

colin neuvy sautour here The streets of Chicago are still snow-covered, and we are trying to stay warm. Do me a favor…if you live in a warm climate, please go outside for a moment and enjoy it for me. 🙂 It is horrible to admit that I am getting acclimated…yesterday I traipsed around in the snow in our yard for a while, just because I had snow boots on and I could. And last weekend I went sledding with my sister. I had some bruises and aches afterward, but it was totally worth it.

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