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41 Conferences

“The Universal House of Justice, in a letter dated 20 October 2008, announced the convocation of a series of 41 regional conferences over a four-month period. The letter – which marked the midway point of a five-year effort to expand activities at the grassroots level – indicated that the purpose of the conferences is to celebrate achievements during the first half of the Five Year Plan and to deliberate on the next phase.”Regional Conferences of the Five Year Plan

I highly recommend going to the website linked above and reading the stories there about each of the conferences. Regardless of whether you are a Baha’i or you don’t believe in God, it is truly inspiring to see people from around the world gathering on such short notice to have these remarkable gatherings.

Chicago’s turn is this weekend, and I will be at the conference center starting tomorrow, Friday, through Sunday…which also means I will not be checking my email very much. I am not staying at the hotel, since I live nearby. I am very excited.


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