More Than

laver spire shells more than
my molten eyes and sudden smile
there are years behind what you see
I am
more than your assumption of me
I am
images across a screen
I am
scraped knees and willow trees
I am
dirt paths and lace dresses

auswechselbare nails feilen whispered secrets with my mother & father & sisters
shouted secrets with my friends

team gym dm 2012 mini view I am more than
the visual

vimpel flagstang knude I am
the sum of thousands of years of history
and the stories of my family

nerven wirbelsäule zuständigkeit check I am oceans and sand and soft green grass and finding arrowheads in piles of stone
journeys under endless skies and the sky was left behind under the pink city glow
I am… kleine winkelruimte te huur And we shout so desperately that we are! We are human and we live/think/exist! Let me direkte radio nrk prove to you that I exist with one simple formula! The universe must know…we must know…I must know…

tyrosine kinase cascade I am waiting here for you to find.
I am
more than
what you thought you knew.

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