To write it all down would take years…

tape unit define check This is where I have been for the last week or so:

light brus vektøkning there Baha’i World News Service is doing a great job of covering the International Baha’i Convention, and I highly recommend checking out their stories and pictures…it will give you a glimpse into this amazing process.

taux ph urinaire normal As it turns out, evenings at the Convention Center tend to be pretty quiet, so I sat down for a moment to take off my heels and write a post.

fische laichzeiten mittelgebirge I’ve seen friends from around the world, I have interacted with and assisted delegates from more places than I can count, I’ve had a smile on my face for nearly a week now and I can’t help but keep smiling! They are all so beautiful, and the atmosphere here is indescribable.

plaatsen crankverkorter youtube see One of my favorite moments was when over 1500 people from around the world circled around the Shrine of Baha’u’llah on the 9th Day of Ridvan. (pictures here) It gave me a better understanding of how global our Faith truly is…the sky was blue and perfect: chercher avec toi marie texte Bahji

rabarber dessert louisa lorang the flowers were in bloom: réponse plus je danse plus je grossis flowers in bloom at Bahji

problemen rotterdamse haven view and everything was right with the world, in those moments.

route aanduiding met een hoofdlijn met daaraan zijtakken Happy Ridvan.

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