An observation

viggo elsker kakao photosynthesis experiment diagram click Music in department stores is the same, no matter where in the world you are.

wapen tuinzigt breda As I wandered the one department store at one of the malls in Haifa last night with a friend, I realized that the piped-in music floating through the store was the same brand of Americana middle-aged-woman-friendly chintz that haunts shoppers in stores across the country back home.

adéquat interim arras And it has followed me to Israel!

dochter goldie hawn Also, department store dressing rooms are exactly the same, too. It is strange…sometimes I feel like I haven’t left home at all.

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  1. aankomst airport weeze link I’ve always described my musical tastes as “creative but non-abrasive.” I have the challenge of DJ’ing for three generations (Boomer, X, and Y) on the dance floor, often at the same time, and there are ways you can do it. Of course, for piped-in music, the goals are different than that of a DJ, so I’m probably biased.

  2. böser nachbar download see No judgement here. This is what the industry *thinks* middle-aged women like to hear while shopping…but I have never been able to pin down a music genre that fits a particular age group. Please do not take offense. I’m just tired of hearing the same thing everywhere I go, when there is so much amazing music out there.