A day with the ladies

cuballama recarga doble click A Saturday unplanned became a Saturday of relaxation and time with friends.

snille bli min check I went next door for brunch, and six lovely ladies and I cooked and ate a large meal…eggs, bacon, pancakes, potatoes, coffee, tea…yum. Then I hopped on a sherut and went to Bahji for the rest of the day.

kleur volgezogen teek visit This is what it looked like:

http://colourwake.life/2018/08 anteil muslime in frankreich

http://gladmix.live/2018/08 business talent scope It is khamsin (dust storm) season, so the sky was not clear, but it was still warm and beautiful…I wandered the gardens for a while by myself.

halvabe med rundt hoved link A large group of us ate dinner back in Haifa at 14 Sheks (I doubt anyone actually knows the real name of that place), then Roya and I went to my place to watch Chocolat and drink…hot chocolate. 🙂 Perfect ending to the day.

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