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a letter to the future

sometimes I wish you could see me
my subtle moments, my tired eyes, my smiles and my gestures.
my million ways of laughing and the way I wash dishes,
the way I stare up at the stars and off into the distance,
or how I get totally immersed in a book or chopping vegetables.
you don’t know how I act when I am taking charge of a room,
how my tone of voice changes when I call home,
how my mother and I spent evenings in front of the fireplace
with chocolate and tea and laughter.
do you know that I love cobblestone streets, grand old homes,
and perfect climbing trees?
or that my little sister means everything to me,
and my Faith encompasses my life?

sometimes I wish you could see me dancing, I am joyful,
the whole room disappears and I am complete.
my fascination with little details and museums,
my love of road trips and forests and conversations over coffee.
I still love to play dress-up…just a more grown-up version…
did you know that my kitchen is my sanctuary?

sometimes I wish that you could know me, that you continue trying,
and that the things that I want you to know about me…
someday I will know about you.


7 thoughts on “a letter to the future

  1. this was nice…:) and, as cheesy as this may sound, i know these things about you and i love you! but i appreciate where this ‘letter’ is coming from. i often think these kind of thoughts, too.

  2. It’s amazing that I could have written this letter! I’m sure it strikes a chord with many of us women who are aware of our own completeness. Beautiful prose poetry and a beautiful snapshot of you.

  3. Ooowa this is really good. I could see your future self and old self while reading this. I’ll be excited to see both of you : ) in the future, when you come back to the States.

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