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One Year

As of December 8th (tomorrow), I will have been in Haifa, Israel for one year. I keep writing little pieces of some kind of summary, but my words have been failing for a while now.

I know I’ve changed, and am still exactly myself.

There is something to be said for solitude. I haven’t quite figured out the words yet…when I am alone I think in pictures and concepts and it reminds me of the pieces of the notes we wrote, the words we wrote and never kept. I wish I’d saved more than one or two, I don’t remember how I used to think anymore…and the tradgedy is that I forgot about my silence.

Enough of the self-analysis!

Life is wonderful, how could it not be? The Shrines…oh, how can words even be enough? I love the work that I am doing, my friends are solid and make me laugh.

Chicago was left behind in a whirlwhind of snow and goodbyes, Chicago comes to me through pilgrims, pictures, and stories. Haifa has always been home and will always be home, and the rain now makes me smile as I sleep in my balcony, the sharp taps on glass and streetlights flash.

Staring across the foggy sea from the balcony, the glowing clouds hover just inches above, the Terraces up to the left, the Shrine of the Bab just hovering through trees, an entire city sparkling and living…these will probably be my enduring memories. Who knows? There are so many things that change and stay the same.


4 thoughts on “One Year

  1. Wow.. I can not believe it has been ONE year! 6 months maybe, but one year?!!
    You’re exactly right about the being speechless thing. How can words ever describe the experience? I say that to friends and coworkers. But then after I say that, I start to try to convey an impression of the experience, and the scenery, and the people, and the love, etc.. By placing the “speechless” caveat, it makes it a lot less hard and less painful to talk to people about it…
    love, barmak

  2. P.S.. and I’m only talking about the 9-Day Pilgrimage that my wife and I just completed last month!!! 🙂

  3. What a beautiful summary, Sholeh! We, your many friends, are blessed to have the opportunity to see service in the Holy Land through your pictures and your blog. Thank you for sharing!

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