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10 Things I like about myself (to be thankful for!)

Abi tagged me nearly a month ago to do this meme, and in between the chaos of birthdays (I think I’ve counted about 6 that I’ve celebrated in the last few weeks!) and other things (like, you know, life), I have not had a chance to do it.

I am not going to tag people, because most of my friends have done this one already, or…they may not want to do it. At first when I was writing this list, I felt rather self-centered and narcissistic. But then I started thinking about it as a way to count my blessings and remind myself of how lucky I am.

1. I am a Baha’i. This is the reason I am who I am.

2. My genetic material. It is pretty darn good (thanks Mom & Dad!).

3. I surprise people, especially when they make assumptions about my character/intellectual abilities based on superficial qualities such as my physical appearance.

4. I am generally an optimist, but have a nice dose of cynicism to keep my feet on the ground.

5. I used to be a shy person, and sometimes that is still there, but I made a conscious effort to overcome it over the last 8 years.

6. I read a lot of books.

7. I don’t hold grudges and it is very difficult for me to lie.

8. I take care of people.

9. I laugh easily.

10. I know how to cook, and I love doing it.


5 thoughts on “10 Things I like about myself (to be thankful for!)

  1. Beautiful, you my precious friend are beautiful in and out! I really am happy to have you in my life and hope you have all the happiness this world can give you! : )

  2. i like number 1 a lot. no matter what happens in life that sucks, we can always say “well, at least i’m a Baha’i, and i woudlnt trade that for anything.”

    you should put number 10 closer to the top. that peef is freakin amazing.

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